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Hello everyone!
After a long time, I'm proud to announce that NS studios stream has finally made its return, and the new tracks have been added to the rotation!

Another piece of news (which I'm sure many of you know) is that on March 9, 2017, Mason Armstrong and I have teamed up to make Tomb Hunter (an adventure/action/horror platforming side-scroller).
We released it on September 7, 2018, and you can download the demo from this link: http://masonasons.me/th.php

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great time celebrating the holidays.
I have released 12 tracks last year (10 originals, 2 remixes, and others are the extras).
If you haven't heard all of the tracks yet, here's a Youtube Playlist where you can easily listen to all of them.

I also have a survey open, which I'd appreciate if you could take.
It's a survey about my music, in which you are asked which is your favorite original track of mine, and which is your favorite remix of mine.
It is open until January 10 2018, and I might make a mix of tracks that land on the top 3 or so positions at the end.

Thank you a lot for being with me, and supporting me all these years.
In this year, I haven't produced a lot of software, but I am still working on TombHunter with Dark Flier.

I wish you a wonderful 2018, and thank you once more for being with me for all these years.

Happy international women's day to all women! We at NS studios can't, and don't even wish to imagine how would the world look like without the ladies. In case you didn't know,
  • windshield wipers
  • Kevlar
  • home security
  • Computer programs
  • you
are all things that wouldn't exist without women. So show them some love, not just today but every day!

Happy new year; may it be better than any other. Thank you for being with us for all these years; we will continue providing you with the free and/or affordable programs, games, sounds, etc.

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