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Welcome to the Nikola Stojsic's (NS studios's), programmer's, web developer's, music producer's, composer's, foley artist's, piano, keyboard and drums player's web site!

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Happy international women's day to all women! We at NS studios can't, and don't even wish to imagine how would the world look like without the ladies. In case you didn't know,
  • windshield wipers
  • Kevlar
  • home security
  • Computer programs
  • you
are all things that wouldn't exist without women. So show them some love, not just today but every day!

Happy new year; may it be better than any other. Thank you for being with us for all these years; we will continue providing you with the free and/or affordable programs, games, sounds, etc.

I have spent last three years making a new sound library, and yesterday, I have launched the crowdfunding campaign for it. Last time, I have sold the library individually, for the price of 50 dollars, but now the idea was to do a crowdfunding campaign to cover up the costs of making the library, and to release the library as free download. The campaign link is:; it would mean a lot to me if you could help me make it to the goal. There's detailed info about the library, as well as the preview of its content, on the webpage of the campaign. You want sounds and music, then make it reach the goal!

Hi all! I have some awesome news. I am about ready to release my new sound library, which is much higher quality than the one I offer at the moment. I am only wondering what would you prefer guys I did. Put it up on Kickstarter and make it free for everybody, or have it sold just like the first one, with a single payment of $60? Right now as we speak, the sound library is ~4 GB big, i.e., 2669 files. This time, the sounds have been recorded with a much better equipment, and have underwent the post-production. I want to share this library with you, but please let me know what would you choose. Kickstarter or standard direct payment.

Happy Halloween to all of you! As much as we'd like to give you some candy, we cannot because this is internet. Instead of the candy, we are gifting you a new release of Commandliners (2016.1.1), and it's even healthier than the candy! Go over to the programs page and get your virtual candy!

We have just released a suite of command line programs called Commandliners! Check it out at the programs page!

Updated the website a little:
  • tidied up the homepage removing the clutter and making it easier to browse
  • removed the “search on the web” feature
  • added the “about us” page
  • updated the “contact us” page
  • lowered the volume of the logo a bit
  • changed the design of the news, instead of the headings, the news are now articles and have their own title
  • and other small changes

The vacation is over. It was beautiful, and most importantly, refreshing. Support for my products and services is available once again.

The support for my products and services will be unavailable from August 15 to August 25 because of the vacation.
This will also affect the purchase of our products that aren't automatic (e.g., sound library), so we will not be able to respond to your purchases until August 25.
The place I am going to is called “Silver lake”, and it is a beautiful place.
I have been there before, and it has always given me the so-needed refresher, and the inspiration for the new products and services.

Updated the website some more, and added the new section called nstth (tips tricks and hacks from NS) where I will be posting tips, tricks, suggestions, hacks, and anything potentially helpful regarding the tech world.

Website update: all of the programs are now on the unified page, and not scattered as before. I have also released some programs that only certain people had the access to (such as the Quicalc, or Drum machine). The new programs page is here also, the NS studios stream has been not available for quite some time (sorry for not telling you). the server that I hosted it on is no longer available to me, and thus it is no longer possible for me to host it.

Mason armstrong (Dark flier productions) and me are proud to present the first season of “Chasing demons”; the horror/supernatural/fantasy textual drama. To read more about it, and download it for free, as well as get the sneak peek preview of the upcoming second season, click here.

Happy new year from NS studios!

In 2015, we have teamed up with Ultrocity audio and the result is Scrolling Battles Pro This is the platforming side scroller, which has both offline and online playing mode, it's lots customisable, it supports among keyboard, the mouse and joystick/gamepad, support for all screen readers and braille, too, plus many more features. This is a great way for us to get back in the audiogame development.

Although, in 2015 we haven't released any programs, which is a subject to change in 2016, with the new version of smart assistants.
Also, because of some technical difficulties, we haven't been able to release the Aliens attack mini audio drama extended version in 2015, so we will release it soon in 2016.
Last, but at least, we will be with you in 2016 as well, and will continue providing you with free and/or afordable
audiogames, programs, sound libraries , music, and much more.
Thank you for being with us all these years.

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